Conscious Leadership Circle

Join a small cohort of leaders who want to bring more awareness to their leadership, create a more conscious organization, and address sticky situations.

Each month for six months beginning in November, we’ll meet together via video conference to discuss a conscious leadership topic, practice gaining new perspectives, and get support on real challenges.

Members will also have the opportunity once a month to drop in and ask questions, share practices, or get on the spot coaching.

Small group support for bringing more consciousness to work

As a leader today, your challenges are complex. And as an individual who cares about purpose and values, it can be hard to find the space to lead from a larger perspective.

That’s why belonging to a group of leaders like you is so valuable.

With the Conscious Leadership Circle, you have a support structure, the dedicated time to focus, and bite-sized practices to make you a stronger and stronger leader.

How it works

Facilitated Conscious Leadership Call

Office hours

Reference Materials Included


Ready to take action?

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