A Word About Acceptance

November 24th, 2014   •   Comments Off on A Word About Acceptance   

by Jen Sellers

Path and Butte

Accept what is and your role in creating it, and you become empowered to create something different. – Alan Seale

In a Mindful Leadership seminar I conducted a couple of weeks ago at a bank in Phoenix, the word acceptance came up as an aspect of mindfulness. It had me thinking about what acceptance is and what acceptance isn’t, especially when it comes to our own leadership mastery. These are my brief thoughts.

What it is:

  • Seeing clearly what is here, not what we wish were here, hope will be here, or even expect to be here
  • An attitude of meeting a situation as it is without fighting it or pushing against it
  • The ability to feel whatever emotions are arising without letting them take over
  • A practice in equanimity

What it isn’t:

  • Saying “Whatever!” with an air of frustration and despair
  • The idea that “It’s all good.” It is often not good, but it is
  • Giving in
  • Giving up

What does acceptance mean to you? We’d love to hear from you!