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At Inspired Mastery, we help leaders like you achieve extraordinary results and make a positive impact on the world—and in people’s lives. Working one on one or in groups, we guide talented leaders who want or need to increase their capacity, so they build on their strengths, align with their innermost wisdom, and show up more powerfully. As a result, clients achieve unprecedented levels of personal, team, and organizational success, and realize a higher vision.

Deep integrity, a love for coaching and a shared joy of witnessing this transformation brought us―Jennifer Sellers, Sheri Boone, and Kate Harper―together in 2003. We’ve chosen this specific work because we believe the world needs conscious leaders. Each one of us has the potential to create positive change. Coaching opens the door.

Why work with us?

Partnership. Your success is our priority. We take the time to understand your needs and customize each engagement to your unique situation. If coaching isn’t the right tool, we tell you. If we aren’t the right resource, we help you find one.

Mastery. Because we’re masters of our craft, you benefit from our years of coaching experience, deep understanding of the coaching process, and commitment to our own development. We live what we teach. And as long time mindfulness practitioners, we provide clients spacious, fertile ground in which to learn and grow.

Business experience. With a rich history of business experience and leadership knowledge, along with keen appreciation of the dynamics of teams and company cultures, we get up to speed fast and know how to affect positive, enduring change in your organization.

Results. Working with Inspired Mastery, you have a safe zone to explore new ideas and test new behaviors. You close gaps and achieve goals faster with more awareness and confidence. Also, coaching is a business investment which generates a significant, measurable return on both the money and time you spend on coaching.

Your ally

By teaming with Inspired Mastery, you’ll enjoy a close, energizing alliance that makes a significant difference and advances your mission.

Become a conscious leader

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