Are You Abrasive?

If you’ve been referred to me because you’ve been told your behaviors are abrasive or you wonder if your reactions might be turning people off, this page is for you. If you are being perceived as abrasive, even though your company highly values your contribution, your behavior is limiting your potential and having an adverse impact on others. In fact, your career may be at stake because of your leadership style.

Is this you?

Do you see yourself in any of these behaviors? You may feel that these are some of your best traits. And some of them probably are!

You’re satisfied with your high performance, and yet:

You have a choice

Does any of this strike a chord? Even if you see yourself in only some of the above, you could be limiting your effectiveness. You may be wondering if you can change the parts that don’t serve you while maintaining your best traits and your authentic self. You may feel that you don’t even want to try. For all the accomplishments in your life, this may be the hardest challenge you’ve faced.

But you have a choice to get past this roadblock and achieve something greater. If you’re willing to consider meeting this challenge head-on, I want to speak with you. When we work together, you have an absolutely confidential safe-zone to think out loud, explore, and make the oftentimes small yet meaningful adjustments in your behavior that will help you achieve your ultimate potential and goals. You discover new and authentic ways to be even more effective.

Jennifer SellersContact me and let’s talk about your particular situation, your questions, and your concerns. If you’d like, I’ll also give you a couple of tools to try right away.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Jennifer Sellers