Unique in business today

I’m such a big fan of the coaches and programs at Inspired Mastery that I introduced them to Accenture for their leadership development program.

What makes Inspired Mastery different is their whole-person approach to leadership, and, of course, their focus on personal mastery. In my opinion, what they offer is unique in business today.

– Deb Waterstone, HR Consultant, Madison, Wisconsin

A new leadership perspective

I started working with a coach to become a better functional leader and a leader of leaders. The result – I gained confidence, self-awareness, and a new leadership perspective.

What was most helpful was using my coach as a sounding board and asking myself how I want to show up in a situation.

The organization has benefited by having a leader able to maintain stability and work effectively in times of change.

– Roberta Ruel, Head of Brand Marketing, Sun Life Financial, Wellesley, MA

Thinking and acting more strategically

I came to coaching when my role expanded and my team was growing and taking on new areas of responsibility. I was working to enhance my executive presence, use my time more strategically, and generally develop more gravitas in my professional life. Coaching was incredibly helpful in all of those endeavors.

Jen helped me to take a step back and acknowledge my fears and the underlying assumptions causing them. I’ve grown as a leader – doing the work through others, discerning how to respond to demands for my time, delegating more, and thinking and acting more strategically.

Coaching has helped me to become more deliberate about actions taken in both my professional and personal life. Jen has helped me to truly understand that sometimes it’s necessary to “slow down to speed up.

I enthusiastically recommend coaching to anyone interested in working through roadblocks to success.

– Beth F, Director, International Conservation Non-Profit, Arlington, VA

Significant cost savings

As a leader, I have improved my confidence and ability to make decisive moves in my role. My decisions have also improved the strength of my organization and resulted in significant cost savings.

– Pat Inman, VP of Operations, Gentle Giant Moving Company, Somerville, MA

Invaluable for my growth as a leader

My boss offered me coaching because I was one of a few people in line for his role as he moved up, and because he had a great experience in his development with a coach. I got the promotion and have continued the coaching relationship.

Coaching has been invaluable for my growth as a leader. It helped me prepare for broader responsibilities, assimilate with my new team quickly, and it supports me in my current high-pressure role.

The coaching process has caused me to practice and value reflection. I ask myself if I am operating at the right level. I utilize my network to reach out across the organization, and I think more globally, even outside my own responsibilities. My definition of success has changed from a tactical “get it done” to one that includes developing people and looking at the long term. And I’m helping to shift my whole organization from command-and-control to consensus leadership.

The 360 process that Inspired Mastery uses is extremely valuable. It helped me get very real feedback, seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly; get at what the opportunities are; and really act differently.

Jen is a great coach to partner with. I like the accountability that she requires. I like having her as a trusted third party who provides safe zone where I can think over ideas and test things out. Coaching is well worth the investment.

– Josh O., VP Operations, Fortune 500 Natural Resources Company, Phoenix, Arizona

A wealth of perspective, knowledge, and capability

We initially hired a coach to help us build better teamwork and collaboration within our leadership team. That led me to work with Jen individually on three goals: 1) my continued collaboration on the leadership team, 2) improving my own leadership and communication skills, and 3) guiding the development of each of my staff members. All three goals have been met.

Jennifer is really good about making sure the coaching goals are clear, both the long-term goals and the goals of each session. She partners with you in a positive way. All of her coaching experience helped me to address my challenges in a constructive way and build my confidence in myself to do what I set out to do.

One of the biggest challenges with regards to coaching is,  “Will the chemistry be right? Will the coach understand the situation? Will confidences be kept?” With Jen, the answers all turned out to be “yes” for the leadership team and for me, personally.

Jen’s method is very open and collaborative. That’s backed up with solid, theoretical coaching understanding. And that’s backed up with practical experience. She brings a wealth of perspective, knowledge, and capability to the coaching.

– Barbara Buck, VP Marketing and Sales, Fortune 500 Natural Resources Company, Phoenix, Arizona

The best outcome

The team-building sessions were invaluable. At the time, I had just taken over the GM position and had a completely new management team. The sessions helped us get to know each other better and understand how to address different personalities on personal and professional levels to achieve the best outcome.

– Steve Moberly, General Manager, Red Square Restaurant, Las Vegas, Nevada

Accountability, awareness, confidence, and a new position

I came to coaching because I was in a new position working for a start-up organization managing three offices and a staff of twelve and I wanted to figure out how I could move forward most effectively.

Coaching gave me a person to be accountable to any conversations and resulting agreements that I made for myself and the way that I wanted to work. Having accountability assisted me in moving my outcomes forward and staying attuned to them. Through coaching I learned that the way I was managing my own, fears, doubts, needs, and skills greatly reflected on the way that I worked with those around me. I became visibly calmer and more clear-headed as a manager. I increased my confidence, my awareness, and the ability to center myself.

Through coaching, my organization recognized and appreciated my revised way of working, my new skills, and my increased confidence, which led to an opportunity for a higher position in the organization.  I incorporated the techniques from coaching into my work, my interactions, my reflections, and my supervision. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t practice the coaching techniques that I’ve learned.

– Diane U., Non-Profit Community Development Director, North Carolina

Building on strengths, achieving goals, and a ripple effect

Jen helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and I learned how to fully develop my strengths through practice. Initially, I was anxious about coaching, as I didn’t know what to expect, but Jen’s approach and personality is very reassuring.  She put me at ease and helped make it possible for me be successful in achieving my goals.

Through coaching I was able to build and strengthen those relationships with my team, my colleagues and my peers, which had a ripple effect. It allowed trust to be built, which allowed more collaboration, which helped us achieve our goals as a team.

– Nancy Eiring, Director of Acquisition, International Conservation Non-profit, Arlington, Virgina

A life changing experience

Kate is a great coach. She is very adept at helping one to isolate what motivates and inspires them, and then harnessing those insights to improve performance. I’ve gotten much more out of coaching then I had expected (and my expectations were pretty high).

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to state that this has been a life changing experience for me. I am very grateful to have been provided the opportunity to work with Kate.

– Chris Roberts, SVP Digital Commerce, Monotype Imaging, Woburn, MA

Self-awareness and alignment

The two most useful insights I gained from my coaching experience was a real sense of self-awareness and an understanding of how important it is to have your life experiences aligned with your core values; with what is really and truly important to you. Now that sounds very obvious and it would seem to be something that would be easy to achieve but it’s not. I don’t believe anyone can tell you these insights. I believe a skilled and caring person can help you discover them.

– Brian Schimpf, Software Engineering Manager, IBM, Boston, Massachusetts

Really sticks with you

This program really sticks with you. You are all great listeners, with the right questions. Your delivery was very effective and the program was great – very complimentary to a virtual learning environment. We had a chance to step away from the hustle and bustle and reflect. I absolutely recommend this program and Inspired Mastery!.

– Karen Racey, Accenture, Global Sourcing – Recruiting

An invitation to reflect and re-focus

I enjoy the newsletter because it allows for a break from the work one is doing that may be meaningful, but not necessarily nourishing to the soul. It invites me, for just a short bit of time, to reflect on matters greater than any one task, yet in a focused way. I always think a reminder that life is not just the thing you have been doing for the last four hours, but much more than that, is very good.

There is the personal sort of introduction, a meaty nugget on which to chew, a little ad for whatever you all are up to, and then ending with some thoughtful quotes from someone. I really like the time estimate – it tells me I can afford the time during the work day to have a look.

I look forward to your next newsletter in my inbox.

– Julie Kaufman, Senior Program Officer, Chicago, Illinois

Premier coaching support

Inspired Mastery is the premier coaching support for visionary organizations.

I have known and worked with the founders of Inspired Mastery for more than nine years and have had the privilege of receiving their support. This helped the people attracted to my vision to integrate my Inspired Learning Model™ into their personal and professional lives in an honoring and empowering manner.

I enthusiastically recommend that you enter into a partnership with these Inspired Masters.

– Peter Reding, Founder, Foundation for Inspired Learning, San Diego, California