In-depth Leadership Analysis

The In-depth Leadership Analysis is a tool for leaders who are ready to move to the next level of personal and professional mastery.

Unique opportunity to see others’ perceptions

This highly personalized tool offers a unique opportunity for a leader to become more effective by seeing inside others’ perceptions and being aware of how other people experience his or her leadership. A detailed report, organized by themes and focused on future success, enables the leader to build on strengths and address any gaps between what the leader intends and how he or she is actually being received.

Not your average 360

High-touch process

Unlike a typical computer-generated 360 focused on past performance of generic competencies, In-depth Leadership Analysis focuses on specific behaviors that are essential for this leader’s future success. In this high-touch process, the coach interviews a group of 6-10 stakeholders identified by the leader and approved by his or her boss who will give candid and valuable input. As in any 360 process, the leader chooses a combination of supervisor level, peers, and subordinates.

The coach spends approximately 30 minutes in each interview, gathering data on leadership strengths and areas to improve by asking for detailed examples and taking extensive notes. Then, all interviews are combined into a report organized by themes unique to the client. Because the interviewer is a trained professional coach, she can ask questions, dig deep, and go beyond impressions to specific suggestions.

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