Pause—Practical mindfulness for leaders


Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
– Viktor E. Frankl

Would you like more peace and perspective in your day? Pause is a book and card deck for leaders who want to be masterful, influential, and inspiring–yet often don’t have a moment to breathe. The 52 simple practices and thought-provoking quotes help you slow down just long enough to find a powerful new attitude and action. Each practice creates an opportunity for mindfulness, uncovering a new perspective and making possible a new outcome.

Open your thinking

Inside each practice you will find an inspiring quote, a short description, an invitation, and an inquiry to open your thinking. Included in the book is a series of articles that give examples and expand on the practices. Pause has a matching card deck with one practice per card. Pick a practice and bring it to mind as you go through your day, or in a moment of need, choose a practice and create a space for new insight. Use this book and card deck to transform any situation and produce positive outcomes for you and those around you. Order now in our bookstore.

Unique card deck

A great tool, the cards are easy to use, shuffle, carry with you, and keep on your desk. Choose one to keep with you for the day, or randomly pick one to give inspiration in the moment. Each card includes the practice and its quote. Order now in our bookstore.

Try a sample

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Pause delivers

“There are many books and card decks out there that have attempted to offer quick guidance for improving one’s life ‘in the moment.’ Pause delivers.

The authors have created key practices for increasing conscious choices. You select a practice and reflect. This creates a pause, a crucial skill in stopping the rampant speed of everyday life. … Pause is an essential tool for leaders and individuals around the globe to empower creative and sustainable change.

Dr. Patrick Williams, psychologist; author;
Executive Director and Founder of Coaching the Global Village