Self Awareness and Coaching

October 4th, 2011   •   Comments Off on Self Awareness and Coaching   

by Sheri Boone, MCC

oakcreek1Today I was sitting in a coffee shop, taking a break from my office and computer. Sitting at the next table was a young woman and her friend. As much as I tried to focus on myself and not listen to her conversation, her proximity and the level of her voice made that pretty much impossible.

Her conversation was very intense; she was quite heated up, and was frankly what I would call “righteously indignant” about a variety of topics. I suddenly thought: “I recognize her.” I realized that I was this young woman once upon a time — so sure of my own opinion, my own views, and my own righteous indignation. And so, in that moment, I was able to let go of my judgment.

Lately, I’ve been very aware of how that young woman still shows up in me. How, as much as I want to be in a place of not judging others, I still do it with alarming frequency. And, I would rather not. But, there you have it — I still do.

Here is what I also know: when I judge others, I’m really judging myself. So, as long as I’m aware of doing it, aware of that judgmental voice, I can either choose to continue to listen to it, or I can make a new choice. Here then, is the real work to be done — on how I judge myself. In that moment of awareness, I can choose to love myself a little more.

I believe that to be a masterful coach, one must be masterfully self-aware. What’s your self-awareness today?