Sheri BooneSheri Boone, MCC

  • Master Certified Coach, Board Certified Coach
  • Chief Coaching Officer, Inspired Mastery
  • Director of Training, Center for Executive Coaching
  • Expert in coach training, supervision, and mentoring
  • Co-author of Pause: 52 Ways to Shift Any Outcome in Less Than a Minute

Since 1998, I’ve worked with clients from many different fields who are moving forward in their work and lives in powerful ways. For many, the coaching space and relationship are the only empowering opportunities they have to explore new strategies, discover their own best path, and be supported in making deep changes. I help my clients gain new insights and see their strengths from a fresh perspective so, ultimately, they can do their best work for themselves and their organizations.

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About Sheri

Sheri Boone is an executive coach, coach trainer, and mentor, working with clients worldwide. Her expertise lies in creating the masterful coaching conversation, and in her commitment to helping clients grow their own skills and mastery. Sheri has worked with organizations in the fields of healthcare, human resources, professional services, education, and coach training. In her coaching, Sheri creates a space of growth and opportunity, which leads clients to profound shifts in results. Along with a degree in psychology, her diverse business background adds a wealth of experience to her work.

Areas of expertise

Prior to starting her coaching business in 1998, Sheri worked in healthcare, human resource management, and government, and for seven years owned a successful restaurant on the Oregon coast. Most recently she served as the Global Training Manager for the International Coach Academy. For four years lead a staff of 15 supervising and mentoring students from 90 countries. Sheri has worked with Washington State University, Americorps, Accenture, and Providence Health Systems.

Master Certified Coach and owner of MCC Mentor Coach

Sheri holds a B.A. in Social Science/Psychology from Marylhurst University. She received her Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation in 2004, became a Board Certified Coach in 2011, and is a Master Certified Inspired Learning Facilitator.

She currently serves as Director of Training for the Center for Executive Coaching and is the Chief Coaching Officer for Inspired Mastery. As the owner of MCC Mentor Coach, Sheri is the creator of the Deeper Conversations Coaching Program, and is a co-author of Pause: 52 Ways to Shift Any Outcome in Less Than a Minute, a book of practical mindfulness practices for leaders.

Based in Portland, Oregon

Sheri lives in the magnificent Pacific Northwest, and loves exploring this beautiful part of the country. She enjoys reading, walking, biking, dancing and yoga. Most of all, she is passionate about spending time with her amazing family and friends.

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