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Nine Breath Mind Clearing

June 1st, 2015   •   Articles, Blog, Leadership, Mindful leadership, Personal mastery, Practice to go   •   Comments Off on Nine Breath Mind Clearing   

by Jen Sellers

BowRiverAndMtnHere’s a Mindful Leadership practice for you – a nine-breath mind-clearing exercise. Use it between activities, as you leave one activity behind and prepare for the next, for example, between email and a meeting, between one phone call and another, between a conversation and working on a project.

You can be sitting or standing, and as you gain experience with it, you can even be moving from place to place. This practice takes only a few minutes to learn and a few seconds to do. Listen to the exercise here.

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Curator of the Good and Useful

May 14th, 2015   •   Articles, Blog, Leadership, Mindful leadership, Personal mastery   •   Comments Off on Curator of the Good and Useful   

by Kate Harper

curateMy client had a tough decision – go on the last business trip before retirement with a very special colleague or stay put and keep an eye on a very high profile project.

“Choose your answer,” I coached him. “Now imagine it is 10 minutes from now. How do you feel? Now move forward 10 months. How do you feel? How about 10 years from now?”

He got his answer. “Great tool,” he said.

“It’s not mine. I stole it from Suzy Welch.”

“Fantastic. I’ve never had an original thought, but I’m great at recognizing them.”

That got me thinking. I’ve always been in awe of people who create something – those with a message, philosophy, or good and useful tool. I’m sheepish that everything I have to offer has been learned from someone else. My client’s words stopped me short. What if the eye for something good and useful is a talent? Indeed one of my gifts is the ability to find, absorb, and share things that are genuinely helpful to my clients. I hereby claim my gift. I am a curator of helpful perspectives, practices, and tools.

Please join me for my first curated exhibition: one perspective, one practice, and one tool.

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Can Bullies Change?

September 24th, 2013   •   Abrasive executives, Leadership   •   Comments Off on Can Bullies Change?   

by Jen Sellers

bully4Is there a leader in your organization whom people are afraid of? Or who demoralizes and demotivates? Perhaps you’ve heard comments like these:

My boss is nice one minute and yelling obscenities the next.

He’s a control freak – everything has to be his way or you’re snubbed.

She gets mad when everyone isn’t willing to be superhuman and work like she does.

He constantly reams people out publicly in emails.

Often, abrasive behavior is allowed to continue indefinitely. Why? Because these leaders are generally highly valued for their business acumen or technical abilities and feared for their tendency to run rough-shod over people.

Bullying leaders know what they’re doing and don’t care, and even if they did they can’t change. Right? No! Based on the research and my own experience with leaders who exhibit abrasive behaviors, it is worthwhile for organizations to intervene.

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