The Pudding and the Process

December 3rd, 2013   •   Comments Off on The Pudding and the Process   

by Jen Sellers

home_photo3I often hear clients use the phrase, “The proof is in the pudding!” They usually say this when they’re going to try something different that they’ve come up with in our coaching session, and they’re not sure how it’s going to work out.

I wonder, does the emphasis on the pudding negate the value of trying something that might fail? If the proof is in the pudding, do we focus so much on the pudding, a desired outcome, that we undervalue our knowledge and intuition and shut ourselves off from an experience that might lead to something even greater?

The Power is in the Process

As I pondered these questions, the phrase came to me: “The power is in the process.” What if the process of making a great pudding is as important as the pudding itself?  An outcome is straight-forward and a process can feel complex.  Here are four simple questions to get the most power from the process:

  • What will I align with? What is the highest good for, the business, for me, and for everyone involved?
  • Who will I be? What role or roles will I play?
  • How will I be? How can I be true to myself and honoring of all involved?
  • What will I focus on? What is the long view and what is the next step?

Outcomes are important. Without outcomes, there is no business. Risks are inevitable, especially when trying something new. And the choices inherent in the process are what lead to the very best pudding.

If we focus on the process to the exclusion of the pudding, we may go around and around in endless circles. And if we focus on the outcome to the exclusion of the process, go may go straight to the target but bypass opportunities along the way: the opportunity to develop others and ourselves; the opportunity to experiment and learn; and most importantly, the opportunity to be surprised by unexpected and sometimes even more worthy outcomes.

So, let’s create the most nourishing, beautiful, and tasty pudding we can, by including all that we care about in the outcome and not just the most obvious business objectives. Let’s balance a thoughtful approach to the process of cooking the pudding with our commitment to the highest outcome. The proof is in the pudding, and the power is in the process.

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